Elvis Presley was the undisputed King of Rock and Roll. He was phenomenal during the early days of rock, scoring numerous hit singles, many of them chart-toppers. Elvis was pivotal in the popularization of rockabilly, a combination of country and rock and roll also popularized by Jerry Lee Lewis and revived in the eighties by Stray Cats. He was noted for his leather jacket and slicked-back pompadour, a style which would influence later punk bands like Ramones and The Clash. New wave musician Elvis Costello was named for him. Although most commonly successful in the fifties, his success continued all the way into the seventies before his death. He was a charter member of the actual Hall of Fame. He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Presley was noted for his raunchy dance moves, considered scandalous at the time. Elvis was often mocked for his rhinestone jumpsuit he wore late in his career. He scored numerous certified albums. His Christmas album went diamond. After his death it became popular for people to impersonate him as a way to claim that his death reports were fake and acquire his fortunes. There is an entire Sirius XM station dedicated to his work. Elvis was often mocked for the Cadillac limousine he often rode up in. His films were parodied by the comedy movie Top Secret. The song His Latest Flame uses the clavé sound popularized by Bo Diddley. He formed the inspiration for Cartoon Network show Johnny Bravo. Early in his career he was a teen idol.

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