Led Zeppelin was a hard rock band whose success spanned between the sixties and seventies. They were phenomenally successful, with numerous hit singles and certified albums. They are well-known for their epic folk song Stairway to Heaven, heavily requested on radio despite not being a single. They are also one of the first metal bands, providing a type of metal known as "stoner metal", combining metal with psychedelic rock. Other stoner bands include Cream, Black Sabbath, and The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Their name formed the inspiration for glam metal band Def Leppard. Member Jimmy Page had previously played for garage rock band The Yardbirds. The group would get into the Hall of Fame their first year of eligibility. They had four albums go diamond. Member Robert Plant is expected to perform at the Woodstock golden anniversary festival. Member Jimmy Page notably collaborated with The Black Crowes. Their song Ramble On references the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy. Their song Trampled Under Foot is based on Robert Johnson's Terraplane Blues, which compares sex to an automobile. They were inducted by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith.

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